Satoshi Nakamoto returned and wrote a book about bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto returned and wrote a book about bitcoin?


The mysterious disappearance of the bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto remains a subject of discussion in the cryptocurrency community for many years. However, the creators of the site, which appeared on the network on June 29, say that Satoshi is back and even writes a book.

“I would like to publicize information about people and other facts. As much as possible. Great and, I hope, the best parts I still leave for books, “- said in a message on the site, entitled “Nakamoto Family Foundation”.

Remembering the role of cryptography in the life of Nakamoto, the author of the site offers visitors to solve the “crypto-puzzle”, in which, presumably, the name of the future book is encrypted. As Bloomberg notes, the answer to the riddle “Honne and tatemae” (English – “Honne and tatemae”) is the Japanese words denoting the special communication style of the Japanese and translated as “true thoughts and intentions” and “socially acceptable expression of thoughts or intentions” respectively.

How these terms will be related to the book, in which the facts about bitcoin and its history will be covered, is not clear. The site also contains an excerpt from the book, which talks about the appearance of bitcoin and Satoshi’s thoughts on certain aspects of the process of creating the first criterion.

The cryptocurrency community reacted violently to the news of the return of the bitcoin creator, and many said that the author of the site could not be a real Satoshi. Some say that Satoshi can easily confirm that it is he, for example sending a transaction from one of his addresses.

Others pay attention to the fact that the sample from the book on quality is much inferior to the original white paper bitcoin written in 2008 and differs in style.

“Wow, Nakamoto’s writing skills have been seriously affected since the publication of white paper,” notes the Reddit user under the name John_The_Cashist.

The author of the passage states that Nakamoto joined the movement in adolescence and drew from it a lot of ideas that were subsequently used to create bitcoin.

“I know that some of you can read or hear about this for the first time, so I should publicize it, although many assumed this, but I will officially announce it. Satoshi Nakamoto is not a real name. More precisely, not the name that is indicated in the identity card. First of all, this is the embodiment of thoughts and motives”, – the author writes.

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