Russian startup Uservice goes to ICO


The Uservice project is a decentralized online platform based on the blockchain – Ethereum, which will use the smart-contract system. It threatens to become a common market for the full period of the car’s operation after owners, services, insurance companies, banks, state regulators and car manufacturers are connected to it.

The system of tokens is based on the deflationary model. They will become the main means and method of payment for the internal services of the platform. The fact that the automotive services market in the world is 2.7 trillion dollars, and tokens is only released for $ 100 million, makes it possible to speak with confidence about the demand for the domestic currency of the Uservice project on stock exchanges.

As the project advisor William Shore, who is also an investor of the UBER, notes: “Each of the huge number of today’s interactive car platforms has certain functions: some sell cars, others check cars for accidents, others repair, etc. This division is inconvenient for the owner of the car. We have taken this into account and create a unique interactive block system for the Uservice ecosystem. “

In this project also take part: Vitaly Petrov, racing driver, the first Russian pilot who rose to the podium Grand Prix of Formula 1, Batu Hasikov, public figure and hockey player Evgeni Malkin.

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