Ronnie Moas: bitcoin will rise to $ 100,000


Founder and independent anald Standpoint Research’s Ronnie Moas thinks bitcoin will cost reach over several years mark of $ 100,000, while maintaining market share at 36%.

Moas believes that digital gold is a profitable form of investment, despite the fact that in recent time bitcoin is falling rapidly, including due to restrictions crepori in China. The analyst believes that at the moment about 230 trillion dollars invested in cash, bonds, stocks and gold, since at the moment, all these four tools are overrated.

Ronnie Moas explains:

“If the volume is 230 trillion to take 2%, and further converted into the cryptocurrency market volume will reach 4 trillion USD, that is 13 times higher than current”.

Moas recommends to avoid serious losses. investors diversify their crypto portfolio.Moreover, he emphasizes that it is recommended to store no more than 20-40% of the funds in bitcoin because, in his opinion, it can displace competitors.

And also explains the analyst:

“Look what Amazon has done in shopping malls. you need to invest in various cryptocurrencies, but I believe that bitcoin will remain on top in the market enоugh space for mоre than one cryptocurrency.»

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