Roman Abramovich could invest $ 300 million in ICO Telegram

Roman Abramovich could invest $ 300 million in ICO Telegram


While Pavel Durov reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about the amount of funds raised during the pre-ICO Telegram, Vedomosti found out who could take part in the crowdfunding campaign, which was granted access to a limited number of people.

Earlier it became known that the co-founder of Qiwi payment service Sergey Solonin had invested $ 17 million in Telegram. The co-founder of Wimm-Bill-Dann, David Yakobashvili, told Vedomosti that he also took part in the campaign, investing $ 10 million.

But the most curious investor, probably, is Roman Abramovich. Although the billionaire with the publication did not communicate, two people familiar with the situation, confirmed the fact of his participation in this ICO. According to one of them, “the entrepreneur could invest $ 300 million in the messenger.”

It is known that Abramovich became one of the first investors of Russian origin who got the right to take part in the campaign.

The document, published on the SEC website, indicates that the amount of $ 850 million was collected with the participation of 81 investors. Their names are not specified, and Durov, as before, refuses to comment.

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