Ripple Labs filed a third lawsuit related to XRP

Ripple Labs filed a third lawsuit related to XRP


Even in spite of the scale, a cryptocurrency project Ripple (XRP) the same is exposed to careful verifications. Far not all agree with that this digital asset falls under status cryptocurrencies or even able to bargain in pairs with bitcoin. So, the situation obviously will not change in the near future, however it also and does not mean that disputes around XRP will dwindle into nothing.

In business, real tests of Ripple only ahead.

A few months back, Commission the  SEC of the USA, maximum gave a hint clear, that it looked after two certain currencies. It was initially set in Commission, that a cryptocurrency asset of Ethereum (ETH) is not a security, though it frequent use and had a lot in common with ICO. If for Ethereum now all more or less was settled well, then remains unknown, whether analogical approach will be applied in relation to XRP. In Commission still did not take away the decision on this question and there are no hints in regard to that, how the fate digital asset of Ripple will develop.

In the moment of writing the material, Ripple obviously not in the best position. Against a company a third case is filed already, and, taking into account that all three cases were filed during the last two months, becomes clear that for Ripple there are too much obstacles for the simple decision of situation.

So, it becomes firmly established in the third lawsuit, that in Ripple Labs broke the state and federal laws on securities. Even on condition of that anything but clear, whether broke some laws in Ripple Labs, some lawsuits certainly without trace will not disappear.

Also notable circumstance that plaintiffs, giving these lawsuits, on the whole are interested in a receipt exactly  assets of XRP.

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