A reward of 1 bitcoin awaits the player who first unraveled the computer puzzle


Solve the riddle, get bitcoin. This is the meaning of the new computer game MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma, which is preparing for release next week.

MonteCrypto – a puzzle game in the first person, in which players are invited to solve 24 “brain-breaking puzzles.”

Together with the game, users will receive a wallet.dat file containing a private key from the address on which 1 BTC lies. The wallet is encrypted using a phrase of 24 words that users can learn by completing the game. Only the first player who solved all the riddles will receive the award, the rest will wait for an empty purse.

Although the game is designed for one player, users can leave messages to other contestants. Will they interact to solve riddles faster, or will they try to knock their opponents off the right track? The developers claim that this is what they want to know.

“Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma is an experiment on players and their interoperability abilities, which has no analogues. The winner can not only boast of his achievement, but will also receive a prize that has value in the real world. How many players will be willing to cooperate with each other? How many can come to a compromise? Who will open the last safe Montecrypto? “- says the description of the game.

No less mysterious is the creator of the puzzle. The game was released earlier never appeared company Gem Rose Accent. Developers are not going to disclose their identity, until there is a player who can get the coveted bitcoin.

The game will be released on the Steam platform. To take part in the fight for the main prize, which at the time of publication is estimated at almost $ 11,000, anyone can do for $ 1.99.

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