Retail giant Walmart can use the blockchain to track the delivery of goods

Retail giant Walmart can use the blockchain to track the delivery of goods


Walmart is working on another technology based on the blockchain, related to the delivery of goods, writes CoinDesk.

A patent application for this technology was published on July 5 under the heading “Hardware complex and method for reservation of delivery”. It describes how to manage the reservation of goods in a situation where the buyer can not receive it immediately.

This is not the first patent of the retail giant in the field of “smart delivery” – over the past year the company has filed many such applications with the US Patent Office. Walmart, apparently wants to develop a technology to automate the elements of the delivery process, but to date, all of the company’s public work with blockchain has been to track the supply chain of food.

The new patent application, Walmart, describes a system of delivery boxes located in the recipient’s home, transport hub or other place that can store the delivered goods until the recipient is behind them. Blockchain is used here as a method of connecting these boxes to each other – to keep track of which ones are occupied and which ones are not.

“In each location of the loading-unloading station there are corresponding containers. Transactions for these containers are tracked in the registry: available containers mean that this location of the loading and unloading station is open for use, and busy containers mean that either the box is closed or this location is reserved for future delivery, the patent application says. – In some variations, the loading / unloading stations use a blockchain-based backup system. Thus, each loading and unloading station can serve as a node in the blockchain network.”

The term “public registry” is often mentioned in the application, which means that this system will be open to some extent, not limited to use by strictly defined participants. This register, according to the application, “contains records of available and reserved containers for a large number of loading and unloading stations.”

This may also mean that Walmart will not be the only operator of these loading and unloading stations and will allow others to participate in the process.

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