Restrictions of Nvidia on the sale of video cards only strengthen the position of producers of GPU-miners

Restrictions of Nvidia on the sale of video cards only strengthen the position of producers of GPU-miners


Large manufacturers of video cards Nvidia and AMD tried to limit the sale of their products to the cryptocurrency miners, because the latter provoked a sharp deficit in the market, which had a negative impact on the main target audience of companies – gamers. However, the existing problem is not solved, and manufacturers of GPU-miners have only strengthened their positions, reports Digital Trends.

Nvidia, in particular, appealed to the largest European retailers with a request not to sell more than two video cards in one hand. The relative deficit provoked the rise in prices for equipment even in the conditions of falling quotations in the market of cryptocurrencies, which can be extracted with it, which pushed potential buyers out of the gamers’ community.

However, the restrictions had a negative impact on all, except for the actual manufacturers of GPU-miners. The price of equipment is still too high for gamers, and ordinary miners can not now build their own farm, because they simply can not buy the right number of video cards. So, the latter are forced to turn to large players, who have a privileged relationship with suppliers.

“We were not affected by these restrictions, because we are on a completely different commercial level, we have other scales of activity. For us, this policy of retailers is even useful, because it serves as a natural barrier for those who want to do everything themselves,” said Josh Riddet, founder of Easy Crypto Hunter.

He added that people can not buy more than two or three video cards in stores, but they can buy a ready-made farm for mining from Easy Crypto Hunter and other companies, and immediately start to produce cryptocurrencies without having to resort to various tricks.

“Of course, we spent a lot of money and agreed with the right people to buy a large number of video cards. This was as difficult for us as for ordinary consumers, but now we have many benefits, given our scale. Even in conditions of shortage, we always have the necessary equipment in warehouses,” Riddet underscored.

Thus, the limitations of Nvidia and AMD could only harm ordinary users – gamers and novice miners, and the producers of farms for the production of cryptocurrencies preserved and even strengthened their positions.

It should be noted that the community of miners provided Nvidia with a huge operating profit in 2017. And although the company did not manage to overtake the manufacturer of ASIC-miners Bitmain, financial indicators grew by 34% compared to 2016.

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