Researchers have found a proposal for the sale of software for hacking bitcoin-terminals

Researchers have found a proposal for the sale of software for hacking bitcoin-terminals


The Tokyo developer of software to ensure the security of computer systems Trend Micro found in the network offer to sell a program to crack the bitcoin-terminals.

In its blog, Trend Micro writes about the announcement, “apparently, has won a strong reputation” of the forum user in darknet. For $25,000, he offers to buy a program for hacking, as well as a ready-to-use card that supports the EMV standard and NFC technology.

EMV chips were created by leading credit card manufacturers to store data in integrated circuits instead of magnetic strips, while NFC allows wireless data transfer between devices.

According to Trend Micro, malware exploits the vulnerability of bitcoin terminals and allows attackers to receive up to 6,750 US dollars, euros or pounds in bitcoins. The seller received about 100 reviews for the sale of this and other software.

Another topic on the forum says that the seller offers the usual software for hacking ATMs, adapted for the script with bitcoin. Researchers report that the software uses a vulnerability in the terminal menu to disconnect them from the network and, accordingly, security systems.

“While there are still opportunities to receive money – and in the cryptocurrency there is a lot of money  – cybercriminals will continue to invent tools and expand in new revenue markets. As the number of bitcoins-ATM increases, you can expect the appearance of new forms of malicious software aimed at such devices in the future,” Trend Micro writes.

As a result of another study, recently conducted by Duo Security, a network of scam bots on Twitter was found, used to promote fake distributions of cryptocurrency. The study organizers studied 88 million accounts using machine learning to improve their bot classifier. It was found that bots in this system are divided into three categories and interact with each other, which ensures the most effective circumvention of Twitter measures aimed at preventing such campaigns.

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