Research: 60% of the first hundred of cryptocurrency does not have a working product

Research: 60% of the first hundred of cryptocurrency does not have a working product


According to a study of the Invest in Blockchain resource, a considerable number of cryptocurrencies remain, rather, a plan on the drawing board than with technologies that are used in the real world. This is written by Bitcoinist.

“We analyzed the state of each product, looked at their road maps, checked the release history and compared the already added functions with those that the developers promise to add in the future,” write the authors of the study John Bardinelli and Daniel Framkin.

The results of the survey in general terms reflect a general skepticism about the altcoins. To unsightly conclusions about the ICO-project came the authors of the study of the School of Law at the University of Pennsylvania, published last month. In their opinion, these projects “are not able” to provide their investors with the most basic protection and fulfill the promises voiced in white paper. A similar opinion was expressed by CEO BTCC Bobby Lee, creator of BitTorrent Bram Cohen and others.

Bardinelli and Framkin believe that things are not the same in the fulfillment of their promises by the projects. Analyzing the 100 largest cryptocurrencies, they came to the conclusion that Ripple, for example, has an “absolutely unnecessary” token, and Litecoin “does not greatly expand the functionality of bitcoin, but has a number of negative side effects.”

But there are also crypto-assets, which the authors of the study praised – for example, the privately-oriented Altcoins Monero and Zcash.

The authors of the study note that they had good reasons not to include some of the projects they considered in the list of those that can boast of having a product:

“Many projects from the first hundred have launched the main network and therefore, like, how can they say, that their product is “working”. We, however, decided not to include in the list of projects that are not used for any significant purpose, and this means that most of the recently launched main networks do not meet our criterion. “

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