Research: 42% of the TOP-50 world universities offer courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Research: 42% of the TOP-50 world universities offer courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain


Coinbase, in conjunction with the Qriously start-up, conducted a global study, “Raising cryptocurrency in the Higher Education System,” exploring the possibility of gaining knowledge about distributed registry technologies and digital currencies in various higher education institutions around the world. As a result, it turned out that more than 20 of the world’s best universities have already included blockchain courses in their curricula.

The organizers of the research found that well-known world universities are experiencing an increased demand from students for knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, which, in turn, intend to link their future careers with these industries.

Universities willingly form research blockchain centers, laboratories and departments, seriously considering cryptocurrencies as the future of the IT-sphere and the economic global system, which today certainly deserves academic study. It is noteworthy that, according to the research, during which the proposals of the 50 best universities were studied, cryptocurrency and blockchain courses are taught in various faculties, including anthropological and financial, and not just in the information technology and programming faculties.

Coinbase and Qriously also conducted surveys among students about their interest in in-depth study of blockchain technologies, finding that about half of students studying computer science and social sciences also want to study crypto disciplines. One of the possible reasons for such a high interest in this topic, as reported, is the potential for the influence  blockchain on various spheres of society.

The study found that 42% of the TOP-50 universities offer at least one subject for studying blockchain and cryptocurrency, 22% of them offer more than one blockchain and crypto course. If you take into account the subjects on the study of cryptocurrency and encryption, it turns out that 70% of universities with world renown are teaching knowledge, one way or another related to cryptocurrencies.

As for the students, out of 675 respondents 47% expressed interest in studying the Cryptocurrency, while 17% of the students of IT-departments reported that they had already written down for blockchain study courses. A similar answer was given by 15% of students studying economics and finance, as well as 11% receiving business education.

17% of university students believe that they already have good knowledge of digital currencies and technologies in the distributed registry, and 18% say they own cryptocurrencies.

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