Reddit removes the option of bitcoin-commissions due to changes in Coinbase's work

Reddit removes the option of bitcoin-commissions due to changes in Coinbase’s work


Reddit removed the option of bitcoin-commissions for accessing the functionality of premium accounts “due to changes in Coinbase’s work,” as it became known from the post in subreddit /r/btc, published on March 23.

The Reddit   user BitcoinXio posted a video post in which he explains step by step to another user how to subscribe to the Reddit Gold account, pointing out that the only options for making a payment are the PayPal and bank card.

The emoney40 user, who is the moderator of several subreddits, but not /r/btc, commented that these changes are related to changes in Coinbase’s work:

“The expected changes in Coinbase’s policy, coupled with some bugs related to the bit-fee functionality that caused problems for some users, forced us to exclude payments from bitcoins from the list of options.”

In early March, the payment service and the Coinbase exchange reported on its Medium blog that it was going to remove several tools for commercial payments, because, according to the company, they could be ineffective for buyers. Coinbase announced that since April 30th these tools will be more inaccessible, full switching of functionality to the new Coinbase Commerce service will be held on May 21.

The user emoney40 also noted that the return of the option bitcoin-payment is still in doubt:

“We want to monitor the demand and implementation of Coinbase Commerce before deciding on the return of the function”

A number of users noted that somehow they did not use this option because of high commission services.

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