PwC Unveils Blockchain Auditing Service With Crypto Business Already Signed Up

PwC Unveils Blockchain Auditing Service With Crypto Business Already Signed Up


The services giant PricewaterhouseCoopers Professional (PwC) has shown its plans to keep Blockchain up to date by tracking how companies implement it.

Multinational accounting firm Big Four will present its latest statement on March 16, according to the Wall Street Journal in an interview with a partner responsible for internal technology solutions, A. Michael Smith.

“There is a natural tendency of people with new technologies to disbelieve in this,” said the partner.

“There will be some kind of independent verification that the technology works on purpose.”

PwC is not alien to the world of cryptocurrencies technology, even when it decides to take Bitcoin at its Hong Kong office in December 2017.

Now, as Blockchain’s business takeover starts to grow this year, the company states that employees who do not need a knowledge, will need guidance and verification when they arrive aboard.

“Compliance teams do not know what to do about it,” added Vicki Huff, a global innovation leader.

Interest in the service is already taking place, and it is reported that it includes a provider of cryptocurrencies wallet, which is looking for an independent check of their transactions.

While PwC has declined to name the company, the news comes as Coinbase seeks to ensure maximum compliance with regulatory requirements in areas such as the 2018 reporting deadline for US clients. This week’s wallet vendor even released its own tax calculation tool.

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