Professor Griffin: bitcoin grew thanks to USDT

Professor Griffin: bitcoin grew thanks to USDT


The document published today  by a professor John M. Griffin from the Financial department at the University of Texas asserts: suspicious clusters mass transactions of USDT/BTC on the cryptocurrency exchange of Bitfinex at the end in 2017, probably, assisted price rallies at the market.

“Less than 1% work Bitcoin hours with the transactions Tether are related to 50% meteor height bitcoin and 64% other top cryptocurrencies”, talked in a report.

“These templates can not be explained by demand from the side of investors, but correspond to the hypothesis, in that Tether used for providing of the price support and manipulation cryptocurrency prices”.

A report follows by the lecture of CoinDesk, published last week, it became firmly established in that, given in CFTC on purpose to bring Bitfinex to the account, were declined request. A refuse is related to that “promulgation of this material can suppose interference with realization law-enforcement activity of Commission”. Because on this stage remains not clear, whether the lecture that the University of the state Texas calls with investigation CFTC on the platform Bitfinex.

It is also talked in the lecture the professor Griffin, that, although the “promise of the decentralized register with the independent tested transactions has an enormous attractiveness”, swingeing majority cryptocurrency transactions proceeds “as transactions take place on the centralized exchanges. These exchanges mainly operate out authority of the financial regulators and offer the different levels a limit transparency”.

The cost bitcoin grew with $10 000 till about $20 000 only for three weeks from the moment appearance trade pair with USDT. Many analysts named a rally the typical display the bubble. Today many assets get additional inflowing due to trade against stibblkoy, and it can sustain a theory of professor Griffin by implication.

At the same time substantial пdrawdown BTC from the moment opening of the investigation regulators of the USA, related to market manipulations, also can specify on the artificial blowing costs cryptocurrencies in the past. However, logical conclusions are not likened to by “irrefutable proof”. Because participating of USDT in manipulation the costs digital currencies remains a hypothesis.

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