Producers of EOS blocks did not allow the launch of the main project network

Producers of EOS blocks did not allow the launch of the main project network


Producers of EOS blocks by vote on June 6 decided to postpone the launch of the main network for at least 24 hours, writes Bitcoinist. Repeated voting will be held after the audit this Thursday. If vulnerabilities are not detected, then block manufacturers should give permission to launch the network, but the head of the consulting company, focusing exclusively on EOS, David Moss believes that the results of today’s vote will also be adopted a negative decision.

EOS tokens were frozen on June 1 as a preparatory measure for the official launch of the main EOS network. EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG) was instructed to ensure the safety and timeliness of the approaching event.

However, a few days before, the network had information about the discovery of critical vulnerabilities in the project code, identified by a large Chinese developer of antivirus software. The EOS team reported that most of the vulnerabilities were eliminated.

According to the project, EMLG is working hard to resolve the remaining problems. Each vulnerability has been assigned a severity level from P0 to P4, where P0 is a problem that requires an urgent solution and does not allow the network to start, and P4 is a bug that can be fixed in the future if necessary.

In the official statement, EMLG chose not to talk about bugs that prevent the project from launching its core network, and do not call out an indicative deadline for eliminating problems.

Soon after the publication of the message of the Chinese company, the EOS team launched a bounty program to search for bugs. The ethical hacker Guido Vraken discovered 8 critical vulnerabilities in one day, and 12 in a week.

In other words, since the EOS publication of the message on the elimination of most vulnerabilities in the project code, at least 12 bugs have been detected, and how many of them, having a P0 risk level, have to be eliminated, if such remain, is unknown.

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