Popular in Japan messenger launches cryptocurrency exchange

Popular in Japan messenger launches cryptocurrency exchange


The messenger Line, that is used by about 200 million persons, decided to start the crypto platform of Bitbox in Singapore.

New service will support 15 languages. Access to him will be got by all users, except the habitants of Japan and the USA.

Key advantage platform direct integration will become with messenger Line.

Presently, trade operations on an exchange it is possible to conduct only by means pairs with cryptocurrencies. Now a platform supports 28 tokens. Notably, that for listing on exchanges there will be a strict selection cryptocurrencies from the special committee of Bitbox.

The first two million registered clients cryptocurrency exchange will get 10 dollars that is intended for operations on Bitbox. Also a company decided to release users from commissions on an operation during the first month of the work. Then she will make 0,1%.

In addition, a platform inculcates technology multisignature from a well-known company in area bitcoin security of BitGo.

“Together BitGo and Bitbox aim to provide the safest and reliable user interface in the ecosystem of digital tokens”, – the chief executive of BitGo Mike Belsh marked.

It was before known that  Rakuten Inc., that messenger Viber belongs to, the start of Rakuten Coin plans in Russia in 2019th.

A company management studies the features of Russian jurisdiction for the start own cryptocurrency in 2019th.

“Our associated company Rakuten works on creation of Rakuten coin – cryptocurrency that is supported by all ecosystem of Rakuten”, – the head of Viber Djamel Agaoua declared.

Developers plan to use cryptocurrency of Rakuten coin for online-purchases, also token it will be possible to truck for roubles, dollars and euro.

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