Poland temporarily suspended the collection of taxes from cryptocurrency investors

Poland temporarily suspended the collection of taxes from cryptocurrency investors


The Ministry of Finance of Poland temporally stopped the levy taxes from cryptocurrency investors for realization of “deep analysis” on the basis that will offer improved regulatory and tax politicians in regard to industry.

A department examined cryptocurrency transactions as assignment ownership rights and applied the income-tax two kinds 18% or 32% case-insensitive collections in 1% in accordance with a civil legal agreement.

The dissatisfied investors created petition on a web-site Change.org with to the appeals to abolish any taxation technology.

There are reporting from Warsaw, it is talked in that a government does not intend to follow a new tax law, at least, until the new all-embracing going will not be worked out near technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency. From data of ministry, the deep analysis cryptocurrency space will be conducted, to define the best method adjusting, and also taxations.

In a ministry confessed that a current normatively-legal base can compel cryptocurrency investors to pay taxes exceeding the primordial sum investments.

“The temporal stopping tax collection will allow to conduct a deep analysis of us for preparation system decisions in this sphere of the economy, including a tax constituent”, talked in the statement of ministry.

Soon since a ministry presented the new rules taxation in April, the mass objecting were heard against this step. The appeal of “change was begun.org”, more than 5000 signatures were attracted in that. In a solicitor there is an appeal to abolition all taxes related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency on the whole.

A strong reaction from the online-association cryptocurrency is examined as one of basic factors that forced the ministry finance to revise the position. A deputy minister met with protesting before a ministry last month and said that no tax will be with PCC on trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies till a final decision will be attained. A final decision will be attained, at least, in two years. At the same time the ministry will support obligation to pay income tax from the population during the prosecution of the temporary decision, “Load” is added.

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