Organizer ICO Confido promises to redeem tokens from investors


The history of the notorious ICO Confido gets an interesting sequel. According to a report published on December 7 on the project website, the organizers are preparing to return money to investors by buying their own tokens.

As in the previous case, the appeal to investors was published on behalf of the Amsterdam law firm Jonkers Van Gemert, representing the interests of Confido.

The company reports that funds raised through ICO in the amount of 880.14 ETH are on the Ethereum-purse. They will be used to buy 9 million CFD tokens at a fixed rate.

In the coming days, a representative of the project will call the exchange, to which users must transfer their tokens. On it, and will be placed an order to buy tokens.

Organizers ICO Confido in mid-November reported “some problems of a right nature,” and then suddenly disappeared, removing all accounts in social networks. During the lifetime of the project, the token exchange rate, which was sold at the ICO at $ 0.04, managed to reach the mark of $ 1.20, after which it collapsed against the backdrop of negative news.

It is curious that the last letter of the law firm is not accompanied by a signature, unlike the two previous letters.

Let’s remind, that earlier it became known about hacking of the mining marketplace NiceHash, users of which lost 4 736 BTC, which at the current rate is $ 80 million.

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