Order of the Supreme Court of Russia on the revision and ban of Bitcoin website

Order of the Supreme Court of Russia on the revision and ban of Bitcoin website


The supreme court of Russia decided that the Saint Petersburg city court would consider an address to prohibition on a website with information about cryptocurrency information.

In summer of 2016 the Vyborg district court of Saint Petersburg gave the statement of office of public prosecutor and blocked a website Bitcoininfo.ru. A court set that information on a website about digital currency of Bitcoin being a “virtual pay instrument and shop of securities”, breaks the Federal law “On the Central bank of Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)”.

Then defence went petition of appeal to the Saint Petersburg municipal law, marking about judicial violations. A court refused to examine a statement, whereupon a proprietor bitcoininfo Nikolay  Tonkoshkurov appealed to the Supreme court.

“We expected consideration including on a creature a dispute, – the advocate of proprietor of website Sarkis commented Darbinian. – However a court went away from the question of determination of legal status of cryptocurrencies and examined judicial violations only. But even in spite of it, we suppose that decision very important, in fact there is a system problem of the public prosecutor’s locks of websites within the framework of that the proprietors of websites are not even attracted, literally disentitled on defence”

In July, 2017 the October district court of Saint Petersburg bossed to block 40 websites, containing information about cryptocurrency, declaring that they “assist the height of shadow economy”, and that free distribution of information about digital currency results in the “high use of cryptocurrency in trading in drugs, weapon, counterfeit documents and other criminal activity “. In March, 2018 the city court of Saint Petersburg considered an appeal and made decision, ordering to unblocked websites.

Before this week the Russian government forbade the popular appendix of Telegram for an exchange reports. An observer on public relations the Russian government made an effort provide the observance of prohibition, blocking almost 20 million IP- of addresses, but many users report that an appendix functions still. Other web sites and services were affected, including updating of Microsoft, Xbox Live and website Roskomnadzor, agency that is incumbent to carry out prohibition.

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