Opinion: the debate on the restoration of funds is the defining moment in the development of Ethereum

Opinion: the debate on the restoration of funds is the defining moment in the development of Ethereum


Former partner in Andreessen Horowitz and ex-technical engineer Coinbase Preethi Kasireddy declared that a “right answer” is not in a discussion about the possible mechanism of renewal of facilities in blockchain Ethereum. These words sounded during her performance at conference of EDCON, CoinDesk reports.

In opinion of Kasireddy, now chief executive of blockchain startup TruStory, a very important moment came now, when the association of Ethereum must clearly define the collective ideals and rules.

For example, at the end of April the representatives of association of Ethereum voted against deblocking 513 000 ETH (order of $350 million) on the purses of Parity with a multisignature, that appeared frozen as a result of vulnerability in a smart contract. And it is a not only case – as edition marks, for the last year the developers of MyEtherWallet and Kraken lost hundreds of thousands of user dollars from errors in the generator of addresses of Ethereum.

Also last week some developers alerted that for lack of single opinion a dissidence can threaten in the questions of renewal of facilities of blockchain Ethereum. In turn Kasireddy during the performance made an effort analyse political and technical aspects and different points of view of all participants of discussion.

“Obviously, that some right answer is not, as if he existed, then we he was accepted already a long ago. Now we try to find an universal decision that would arrange all. Not think, that it exists”, – Kasireddy is sure.

In addition, some developers and investors of Ethereum conducted winded up meeting in a threshold a conference, on that discussed the possible mechanisms of making decision on the platform of Ethereum.

Kasireddy marked in turn, that a similar method of formal management is the best keeping indoors. Instead she called an association to be finally determined with base principles that a network must observe at making decision.

“It is a qualificatory moment for Ethereum, as an answer must correspond to our general social and political norms. If if honestly, I do not know, what it after norms. And for this reason we stuck in these debates”, – Kasireddy summarized.

We will remind, before in smart contract on blockchain Ethereum was found out over 34 thousand vulnerabilities.

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