Opinion: Google banned the advertising of cryptocurrency in connection with the development of its own blockchain projects

Opinion: Google banned the advertising of cryptocurrency in connection with the development of its own blockchain projects


A decision of company Google to forbid the advertisement Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the platform is a thoughtless and unethical act, the row experts blockchain the industry declares.

New rules politics Google on the advertisement of the financial products and services, pronounced in March, inure already in this month and imply complete prohibition on placing of the advertisement publications related to cryptocurrencies, ICO, by cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets and trade prognoses at this market.

Guidance Google here openly declares about the personal interest in cryptocurrencies and lying in their basis blockchain technology, that compels to doubt in reasons internet-giant and generates conspiracy theories that prohibition in any way is unconnected with a desire to bring down the level of swindle in the blockchain environment.

To the word, in May a corporation Google invited to work founder Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, explaining this step aspiring to the increase of safety service. At the same time, manager by subdivision Facebook Messenger David Marcus, led the pair of a week ago working group on the study possibilities introduction blockchain technology  in the social network of Facebook.

Ed Cooper, head of the startup Revolut, considers that along with scameric announcements, from Google will disappear and advertisement of legitimate cryptocurrency business honestly giving quality services for the clients.

“Deserving crypto services unfairly got under a cross-fire. More targeted approach in regard to similar prohibitions would be more preferable, from my point of view. If under one comb all got in this sphere, then why not to block the spam-advertisement harmful “antiviruses”, fake benevolent funds etc. In the advertisement of similar products crime, deception and swindle not at all less than”.

Gareth Malna, legal adviser to the fintech of the British law firm Burges Salmon, went yet farther and asserts that prohibition of advertisement contiguous with cryptocurrencies products conflicts with principles and aims the largest in the world of the searching system.

“A decision Google to operate as quasi-regulator in a similar context is an anxious ring for industry, taking into account commercial power of corporation. Attempts to interfere in development of the cryptocurrency market Google, certainly, explains a desire to protect the clients, however it is seen that me exceeding own plenary powers, in a role of keeper and supplier of information.”

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