On the sidelines of the summit EIP:0: supported the new Ethereum governance mechanism without the participation of Vitalik Buterin

On the sidelines of the summit EIP:0: supported the new Ethereum governance mechanism without the participation of Vitalik Buterin


The well-known representatives of Ethereum association came forward in support the new methods of management a network, offer during the summit of EIP:0. In particular, Parity Technologies, Aragon and Web3 Foundation signed statement “about intention” in that steps are described on creation of mechanisms of self-regulation of blockchain.

The primary objective of two-day summit was development of decisions for a management by the ecosystem of Ethereum conditioned by expansion of network and appearance of great number of opinions concerning further technical development. So, many experts mark that presently it is extremely difficult to accept to take into account the points of view of different developers, investors and other participants of association.

Thus, signing a plan participants hope to create the original list of general values of Ethereum and support development of “instruments with an open code for collection of key signals and birth-certificates” on the basis of that one time per a month that will be accepted or another “administrative decision”.

The number of these key signals will be entered by the trading volume Ethereum, amount of active contracts and projects on GitHub, and also other factors. Underbacks can one of stimuli become for technological development, registers in a report.

Notably, that participants already hot supported realization of the second summit of EIP:0, that can become much more scale.

“I understand why taking part in EIP:0 was possible only on invitations, but I do not think that it is necessary to be repeated. I am sure that all participants divide a general idea. An event must be as possible more inclusive. And if 350 thousand persons will come, then we must with it reconcile” oneself to, – a developer and head wrote in its Twitter on by communications of Parity Technologies Afri Schoedon.

It is also talked in a report, that future summits will develop an already existent model, including due to “expansion of possibilities for co-operating with users that is not present on an event physically”. In the list of signing an agreement L4 Ventures entered also, developer Lane Rettig, Giveth founder Griff Green, Ethereum Foundation member Hudson Jameson and startup Gnosis.

The founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin declared at the same time, that he wasn’t invited on the corresponding meeting.

“Amusing fact: I wasn’t on this meeting, it was organized without my permission or even participation”, – Buterin wrote in Twitter.

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