OKEx Exchange included in the listing more than 10 cryptocurrencies per week


The OKEx cryptocurrency exchange continues to please its users by adding new altcoins and ICO tokens. In one week, the Exchange listed 13 cryptocurrencies: SelfSell (SSC), SmartMesh (SMT), Acute Angle Cloud (AAC), Fair.Game (FAIR), Change (CAG), EncrypGen (DNA), ETHLend (LEND), RealChain (RCT), ShowCoin (SHOW), Viberate (VIB), Olympus Labs (MOT), Utrust (UTK), Maggie (MAG).

Most cryptocurrencies are already available for trading and I/O. Support for some of them will be implemented in the next 2 days. Information on specific coins can be found on the website of the exchange.

In addition, bitcoin holders using the OKEx exchange can already receive United Bitcoin (UBTC) fork bit forking.

Recall, the issuance of coins of all fork of bitcoin is also produced by the Binance exchange.

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