Nobel laureates in economics join the blockchain study

Nobel laureates in economics join the blockchain study


The research laboratory of blockchain technologies Cryptic Labs invited two Nobel laureates in economics to the advisory council, according to a press release on September 10.

The winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Eric Maskin and Christopher Pissarides, joined the consulting council on economics of the research laboratory Cryptic Labs.

The press release explains that famous scientists will bring expertise in the field of macroeconomics, for example by providing “results of research on motivational mechanisms, game theory, macroeconomic policies.”

Team Cryptic Labs, whose mission is to “solve fundamental security problems for the growth of blockchain technologies,” is led by one of the most famous cryptographer Diffie Whitfield, who received the Turing Award in 2015.

Economist Christopher Pissarides commented on his appointment as follows:

“Blockchain is the most exciting technology of financial markets in recent years, but we do not yet have enough knowledge to recommend a full transfer of all transactions to the blockchain”

This year, the topic of the gap in the demand for specialists due to the growing interest in the blockchain and really expert knowledge about the new industry remains one of the most discussed.

For example, a survey of this year by the consulting company Deloitte, which opened a blockchain lab at the end of last year, showed that more than 70% of executives believe that they are well versed in blockchain technologies, calling themselves experts, but many companies use blockchain terms in marketing campaigns, not integrating technology at all.

Scientists and other areas are ready to contribute to the use of innovative technology: for example, in July, scientists from the Chinese Tsinghua University applied for a patent for the use of blockchain technology for the preservation of cultural heritage, and in Oxford create a blockchain college that works on smart contracts.

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