Nobel laureate called bitcoin-mania "an epidemic of enthusiasm"

Nobel laureate called bitcoin-mania “an epidemic of enthusiasm”


Bitcoin transforms a financial and economic sector not only, lately a network became the real “public motion” that was able to go out outside demographic and geographical borders, a nobel on an economy laureate Robert Shiller declares.

Schiller that presently works as the professor of economy in the Yale University said in the interview of Bloomberg, that demography Bitcoin  allows to draw conclusion that his popularity is not taken to the rational reaction on technical innovations.

“The east coast of the USA in less degree is over came by interest in bitcoin, what western. But the Silicon Valley bitcoin is entirely infected. This real public motion. Bitcoin is the epidemic enthusiasm. It is a speculative bubble, but a “bubble” does not mean that bitcoin will be brought down to the zero”.

Confessing that existence of the “impressive crypto theory” worked out by scientists-programmers, Schiller asserts that cryptocurrency innovations attract the disproportionate strained attention, mainly, from “enthusiasm of investors” and desire to be “quickly enriched”

And bitcoin, really, continues to enjoy the beyond the “grave life” – death bitcoin was proclaimed in MASS-MEDIA already more than 300 times.

Meantime, yet coming to conduct the gone into detail demographic analysis user base of the first cryptocurrency, that would confirm or refuted suppositions of Schiller, in regard to social meaningfulness cryptocurrency of this phenomenon, going beyond the verges of the foundations age-related, national and social.

Yesterday group researchers from Stevens School of Business in the USA, at the head with professor Feng May, published research that demonstrates, that publications and tweets active users do not almost influence on the course bitcoin , but approval of “taciturn majority” is able substantially to “rock” the course of the first cryptocurrency.

We will remind, American Institute of Economic Research (AIER) the other day compared volatility bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and set that the coefficient the variation cost bitcoin considerably below than analogical indexes of popular digital chinks.

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