NiceHash promises to return money to users


Customers of the  NiceHash mining marketplace can soon get their money. This is written by Reddit users referring to a letter that was sent out by the company today, December 20.

NiceHash reports on the restoration of access to its service and preparation for compensation for damage suffered by users as a result of a hacker attack that occurred on December 6.

It is expected that the funds will be credited before January 31, 2018. This NiceHash volunteered to help an international group of investors. In the near future, the project team intends to address legal issues.

Although in the submitted letter we are talking only about the buyers of computing capacities, the representative of NiceHash at Reddit assured that the money that can be obtained by the miners cooperating with the service.

Recall, as a result of the hacking of NiceHash mining marketplace, 4 700 BTC or about $ 80 million were stolen at the current rate.

UPD: For unknown reasons, the discussion on Reddit was closed, and the message with the promise of good news on the official Twitter NiceHash – was deleted.

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