NChain has released the alpha release of the Bitcoin SV protocol


Apparently, soon we will see the hardcore in the Bitcoin Cash network, due to the fact that the developers and miners could not find a compromise. Most likely, the separation of the network will reduce the cost of the service and lead to a reduction of the community’s trust in the project.

This is reported by the research company nChain, which released the alpha release of the Bitcoin SV protocol at the request of Coingeek – the BCH mining pool. In addition, a new SV Pool was created for the new nChain client.

NChain outstripped the schedule, as the release was scheduled only a week later. As expected, the project is half-ready, but with this accelerated launch, the company has increased its ranking among users. The developers say, in a week’s time the algorithm will work more qualitatively.

The release of Bitcoin SV on this stage gives an opportunity mining and operators of pool preliminary to go through a code. For basis of alpha version the modified protocol of Bitcoin ABC 17.2 is taken with integration of OP _ MUL, OP _ INVERT, LSHIFT and RSHIFT, by remote limitation in a 201 operating code on a script.

The loudest question was the increase in the size of the block at the request of developers. Many believe that a large block size will solve the main problem of the network – scaling.

Recall, one of the most controversial figures in bitcoin space (BTC), the founder of Bitcoin org, announced that it plans to release a “safe implementation” of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) protocol.

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