NASA allocates funds to create an autonomous spacecraft using Blockchain

NASA allocates funds to create an autonomous spacecraft using Blockchain


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) awarded a new underback, that supports development of autonomous spaceship that would make decision with the use of technology of Blockchain without participation of man, News of April, 18.

Jin Wei Kocsis, the associate professor of department of the electrical engineering and computing engineering in University of Akron, state Ohio, got the underback of NASA in size of 330 000 dollars of the USA for support of the researches. Kocsis said that the research program would consider application of technology of Blockchain on the basis of Ethereum for development of the safe computer system that will be used in deep space.

“In this project technology of Ethereum Blockchain will be used for development decentralized, safe and cognitive network and calculable infrastructure for the deep mastering of space I hope to work out technology that can recognize ecological threats and avoid them, and also to fill a row me awarded with honour for that NASA confessed my work, and I am very glad to continue ability of technology to think and do in itself It is reported”.

That the system will use base technologies of “smart contracts” for creation of spaceship that would “think” in itself, allowing to him automatically to discover and dodge from floating wreckages in good time. Wei Kocsis hopes that by means of such technology a space vehicle will be able to execute more tasks, give anymore given and to give to the scientists more than time for the analysis of information, as they will no longer be busy at prognostication of ecological threats.

The university of Akron did not expose a temporal scale, when technology of Wei Kocsis would be sent ​​in space. However Thomas Kacpura, manager of communication programs of NASA Glenn Research Center, said that it first time, when a center examined the appendixes of Blockchain from the point of view of space-communication and navigation.

In February of Qtum, the decentralized platform of appendixes of Blockchain, able to start “smart contracts”, declared that her “first in history knot of Blockchain” started on the Chinese companion.

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