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NAGA Coin Pre-Sale Shows Strong Performance
NAGA’s pre-sale began on November 20, 2017, and has ended on November 27, 2017. The pre-sale’s performance has been pretty impressive.
Having passed its soft cap of $1 million within ten minutes of launch, the token pre-sale has raised $15.5 million USD and sold 18.5 million NGC tokens. More than 15,500 investors have participated in the pre-sale so far and taken advantage of the 30% token bonus being offered exclusively during the pre-sale.
The number of 15,500 already puts NAGA at the all-time top 3 spot by contributors. Again, this is just after the pre-sale round. The main sale is extremely close – it starts December 1 and will last through December 15. The demand is huge, and NAGA will likely continue breaking new records.
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