Mysterious stable coin CK USD broke out in the top 10 most traded crypto assets

Mysterious stable coin CK USD broke out in the top 10 most traded crypto assets


CK USD  is a highly specialized fixed-price digital asset with trade data available only in the last month. Nevertheless, the asset is already included in the top 10 most traded cryptocurrency, showing indicators commensurate with TRON and Litecoin. This is written by Cryptovest.

CK USD is designed to provide liquidity on the BCEX exchange, as well as the specialized trading platform Allcoins. Interestingly, there is no data on the number of CK USD in circulation.

CK USD does not have its own website, but for it there is a blockchain reviewer in Chinese. If you believe this columnist, CK USD blocks are mined more often than once a minute, and most of them are issued solely for the purpose of paying a reward. At the same time, for a token whose rate is pegged to the US dollar at a ratio of 1 to 1, the reward is unusually high: once in a few blocks, a transaction is found containing more than 107.7 million coins as a reward.

As already mentioned, CK USD is directly related to the Allcoins exchange, which eliminated the support of Fiat last fall. Allcoins BCEX partner is rapidly gaining popularity in Asian countries, especially in China. Recently, the stock exchange reached the top 10 largest sites by the volume of trading.

BCEX is focused on customers from China, and therefore is not regulated in any way and is unknown to Western traders. CK USD has a limited effect on the market behavior of the cryptocurrency, since it is currently traded in a small number of pairs, for example, pairs with Bitcoin, Ether, Qtum, EOS and Ontology.

The network does not have information about both the CK USD issuer and the BCEX operator. The asset is traded only on the partner exchanges, and the mechanism of binding its exchange rate to the dollar is also unknown.

Earlier, the Binance Exchange announced the listing of the new stable TrueUSD coin, but later was forced to postpone the launch because of the unusual behavior of the asset in the market.

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  1. Shitcoin 4 weeks ago

    No info on the crypto.. blockexplorer no info, the coin was announce , but we can’t see any of the coin characteristics,..not even total supply, reward, mining capabilities? wealth distribuition? Technology applied? Website?… sounds like another shitcoin scam

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