MyEtherWallet wallet underwent a second attack for the year

MyEtherWallet wallet underwent a second attack for the year


The popular interface wallet of Ethereum MyEtherWallet (MEW) again appeared in a spotlight from a considerable security breach. Service warned the users, that those used VPN for moving of the facilities.

Developers recommend all, who used a wallet and VPN Hola in the last 24 hours, to translate the tokens on a new address.

MyEtherWallet was exposed to the second serious violation of the systems safety during three months. The leaders platform declared that purses users, using VPN- plugin of Hola could be compromised on a five-hour period.

Such vulnerability of safety, maybe, allowed to the hackers to watch after activity of the users, if they used the purses during a certain period.

“Quickly! If for you expansion of Hola is set for the browser of Google Chrome and you used MEW during the last 24 hours, immediately translate facilities in a span-new account.”

Notably, that ordinary users that did not set expansion did not suffer as a result violation, as a problem was related to service of Hola, that the last years got an ill fame since it admits the use carrying capacity of the users for creation giant botnet.

In conversation with TechCrunch a representative MEW expressed supposition, that an attack came true from the Russian IP- address.

The origin of the attack, “alike, is related to the Russian IP- address”, – MEW TechCrunch reports, insisting on that the operator wallet does not keep registration data users or personal data.

The exact number of the users injured from violation, now, remains unknown.

In press-service of Hola while did not answer upon request about a comment.

As early as only April of MEW fell a prey DNS- attack allowing to the malefactor to readdress users on the harmful remark web site, to steal their secret keys. A hacker was able to get 215 ETH from an attack.

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