Moldova will apply blockchain in the fight against human trafficking

Moldova will apply blockchain in the fight against human trafficking


The Moldova authorities, together with the ConsenSys startup, are developing a digital-identification system to combat kidnapping and human trafficking.

Moldova is the center of human trafficking in Europe, and the government has for decades been unable to cope with the country’s urgent problem. In an attempt to put an end to the modern form of slavery, the authorities are developing a blockchain infrastructure for resolving the crisis and restoring peace in the region.

Development of the blockchain technology  affected not only a financial market and economic systems but also many other spheres, including digital authentication personality. Exactly work in this direction power of Moldova plan to use and start a pilot  blockchain project on a fight against trading in people, in a collaboration with the Brooklyn developer software ConsenSys, during the nearest 12 months.

In March ConsenSys gained the lead in the competition of the UNO “Blockchain for Humanity”, getting possibility to work out the blockchain system authentication personality, called to help in a fight against trading in people.

Currently, ConsenSys aim is to help the Moldovan authorities create a secure digital identification system for young people on the basis of a decentralized register that would determine the identity of the person, find relatives and family members and notify them in an emergency.

Moldova is already actively studying and testing the technology. Earlier, the authorities announced their intention to use blockchain to stimulate economic growth and organized the Association of Digital and Distributed Technologies of Moldova to introduce technology into various sectors of the economy.

Also, more recently the local crypto community was presented with a new crypto exchange and a new token created in Moldova, and indirectly approved by the Central Bank of the Republic.

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