Miners criticized Bitmain because of inconsistencies in the characteristics of the new device

Miners criticized Bitmain because of inconsistencies in the characteristics of the new device


The manufacturer of the mining equipment Bitmain has faced indignation of the buyers of one of its latest products, AntMiner B3, which, according to Chinese users, does not meet the stated characteristics and is unlikely to pass proper quality control. This is written by CoinDesk.

The first batch of 25,000 B3 was sold for a few seconds at 17,000 yuan ($2,600) per unit.

According to the specifications of the AntMiner B3, the device is capable of producing 750 hashes per second, however, Chinese buyers claim that the real performance is far from the declared. According to them, the new miner makes 500-600 hashes per second, which causes less than 10 BTM per day, while the expected yield was 47 BTM.

In addition, the miners suggest that the production of B3 Bitmain could use former components. So, one of the users of Zhihu portal writes that the fan of his supposedly new AntMiner B3 was covered with dust, which can explain the low computing capabilities of the device.

Activists gathered the group to protect the interests of buyers and demand a refund. On Monday, the group visited the Bitmain office in Beijing. Although less than 10 people came to the meeting, they were accompanied by a policeman to make sure of the peaceful outcome of the talks. According to the miners, representatives of Bitmain expressed their readiness to repair devices with weak characteristics, but refused to consider the possibility of reimbursement of funds. Also, the company is ready to resolve the issue in court.

Another news portal writes that on Thursday Bitmain acknowledged the presence of defects, noting that they were only found in 1% of the examined devices.

“Devices for mining are, in fact, an investment product. The revenue and price of the token may vary depending on the market movements. Thus, no company or individual can guarantee anything,” Bitmain commented.

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