Microsoft is in talks to buy GitHub

Microsoft is in talks to buy GitHub


During a few last weeks a company Microsoft negotiates about the purchase of the largest web service for hosting IT- projects, GitHub.

A well-informed source reported CNBC, that companies began to negotiate about partnership scopes of the joint marketing campaign estimated in 35 million dollars, but during a discussion conversation called and about the possible investing or acquisition GitHub. Now abstrusely, what negotiations will come to an end, but according to an interlocutor Business Insider, a price for acquisition GitHub exceeded expectations of Microsoft.

In 2015th, on the last round of investing, a company GitHub was estimated in 2 billions dollars, but now the cost of project can make 5 billions dollars and more.

The tool of GitHub became to necessary for developers SOFTWARES, that use a platform for storage code, watching of updating and joint developments. At a platform more than 23 million individual users are from 1,5 million organizations. By a past autumn a company declared CNBC that arrived from the sale of subscriptions exceed 200 million dollars, including more than 110 millions from companies that use the business-products of GitHub.

This information is for a time, when GitHub experiences difficulty in the search the new CEO instead Chris Wanstrath, that abandoned a post 10 months back. Business Insider reports that leader from Microsoft,  Nat Friedman that in the past managed Xamarin, purchased Microsoft in 2016th, would become the new head of GitHub. It is also reported that a candidate on position is a senior vice-president Google on an advertisement and trade Sridhar Ramaswam.

Now, neither Microsoft nor Github did not give comments about motion of negotiations.

From data on the last quarter of 2017, on GitHub more than 86 thousand blockchain projects were published. On the average annually their number increased on 8,6 thousands, however in 2016 an increase made about 27 thousands, and for one only half 2017 are more than 28 thousands.

We will remind, it was known in May, that Microsoft Azure starts service for the acceleration of development blockchain applications of Azure Blockchain Workbench. Interest platform in cryptocurrencies brings garden-stuffs, in spite of the criticism widely lighted up in MASS-MEDIA in relation to cryptocurrencies from the sideco-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates. It was also reported in February, that Microsoft planned to use blockchain technology for the decision of some problems in a management by the personal digital data, including, in area of confidentiality and safety.

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