Microsoft announced the blockchain cooperation in Taiwan

Microsoft announced the blockchain cooperation in Taiwan


Taiwan daughter’s company of technological giant Microsoft, and also together it will be taken up a company Digital China and Hot Cool introduce blockchain technology in the spheres of finance , electronic commerce, entertainments and  other.CEO Microsoft Taiwan Sun Jikang explained that many high quality developers and technical specialists work in Taiwan,  on the whole this region disposes excellent terms for development blockchain applications, and Microsoft strategically behaves to participating in this industry.

Within the framework of collaboration three companies new decisions it is planned to create on the basis cloudy service of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench, as it will allow to promote calculable powers and will improve providing safety blockchain services, given by a company Digital China, at one time appearing due to efforts of Legend Group, after rename to Lenovo. On Hot Cool allotted task providing of the management and mediation cloudy services between the corporate and public providers of cloudy decisions. It is expected that such combination will allow substantially to shorten time on creation blockchain infrastructure.

CEO Digital China Sun Yutao considers that service of Azure Blockchain Workbench will allow to shorten time on creation blockchain infrastructure in China.

Within the framework of collaboration a company Hot Cool will come forward a mediator between state and corporate cloudy providers.

We will remind that a corporation Microsoft presented the new package the starting instruments for the blockchain developers of Azure Blockchain Workbench in May of this year. For the pair clicks he allows to automatize tuning the infrastructure while developers on the initial stage will be able to take up internal logic of appendixes, and business owners – thinking over and testing variants of their use.

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