Media: Cambridge Analytica plans to release its own cryptocurrency

Media: Cambridge Analytica plans to release its own cryptocurrency


Engaged in scandal with the loss of user data with Facebook an analytical company Cambridge Analytica planned to conduct in 2017 own ICO, within the framework of that intended to realize digital currency on $30 million.

Probably, Cambridge Analytica began to work on realization of ICO in the middle of 2017, this initiative was supervised by CEO of British subdivision Alexander Nix and ex-employee of company Brittany Kaiser. In March 2018, when plenary powers of Nix were stopped in connection with the scandal caused by the loss of these users of Facebook, plans on the start of ICO still were on the initial stage.

NYT brings words over of Brittany Kaiser, that declared that own digital currency of Cambridge Analytica had to be used in order that users could keep and sell the personal data in a network.

“Who does know about the use of the personal data more than Cambridge Analytic? So why not to create a platform that would change the structure of work in this direction”? -said Brittany Kaiser.

The representatives of Cambridge Analytica confirmed also, that before a company studied technology of blockchain, however about intentions in relation to ICO spoke out mistily enough. They did not specify also, whether a company continues to work in this direction.

“To history with Facebook we developed the set of technologies that would help private persons to take away control above the personal data at corporations and would give to them complete transparency at a management and use of the personal data. We examined different variants that would allow to the people monetize the personal data, including technology of blockchain”, the representative of firm declared in an electronic letter in reply to the query of Reuters.

Nevertheless, it is known about the collaboration of Cambridge Analytica with a few cryptocurrency startups. So, in summer of 2017 a company worked with a command Dragon Coin issuer of Ethereum- tokens, Macao used in a casino, sending to the partners and investors of letter with suggestion of free visit of event of Dragon Coin.

We will remind, it was before known that patent request on a new decision in that technology of blockchain is examined as a method of protection of identification data, a company Mastercard gave.

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