Mastercard filed a patent application for a blockchain solution to protect identity data

Mastercard filed a patent application for a blockchain solution to protect identity data


A leading pay operator Mastercard gave a patent request on a new decision in that technology of the blockchain is examined as a method of protection of identification data. CoinDesk reports about it.

In the request published on a past week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Mastercard describes the system in that semi private or private blockchain will be used for a receipt and storage of identification data, including the “name, address, identification number of taxpayer” and other information.

It is talked in description of request, that this technology will help to prevent the use of counterfeit identification data in her systems.

“The use of the blockchain for storage of identification and registration data will provide their invariability and safety, that will give possibility of their exact verification and will prevent the imitation of such data”, – talked in a request.

Unlike public blockchain, the offered Mastercard system will allow to bring in data to the only certain knots (nodes). These authorized agents of nodes will provide “prevention of addition of data that can compromise exactness of the already brought in information”.

As consider in Mastercard, development would replace another ways of proof personalities that can be subject to falsification and inaccuracies.

We will mark that it is the far not first patent request of Mastercard, in that decisions appear with the use of being the basis of bitcoin technology. So, in November 2016 a company gave four requests at once, describing the use of technology during realization of payments. Another alike request on creation of database on the basis of technology of the blockchain with the purpose of instantaneous treatment of payments was published at the end of 2017.

In addition, it was known last week, that the Irish office of Mastercard was filled up by 175 new developers, including specialists on the blockchain, creation of “more effective pay decisions” coming that.

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