Mass media waits for EOS holders at the stage of launching the main network

Mass media waits for EOS holders at the stage of launching the main network


To holders of the EOS token at the stage of launching the main project network, users are given the opportunity to receive additionally more than a dozen different tokens. This is due to the fact that many start-ups intend to use the EOS network to create their own products and create an initial user base by distributing their tokens to EOS holders. The lion’s share of hands will be on the first EOS blocks. This is written by CoinDesk.

One of the projects that the company plans to conduct is the Chaince, a stock exchange dedicated to the EOS community.

As for the remaining projects, their goals and objectives are very diverse. Some solve the problems that many startup founders find relevant, such as job search or payroll. Others concentrate on the gambling industry, also fond of cryptocurrency projects. Still others intend to expand the functionality of the EOS itself.

Below is a brief overview of the most infrastructurally significant projects that expressed their readiness to distribute their tokens to EOS holders.


The users of the Etherium platform are aware of the expansion of Metamasque. With it, you can interact with the blockсhain of cryptocurrency through the Chrome browser. Scatter wants to create a similar product for EOS.

Scatter plans to create a tool for working with EOS-based products, which allows them to leave the necessary information in secret. After the first authorization in the application, the user can use a variety of decentralized applications without having to re-enter while on the network. Scatter also allows the use of multiple profiles.

The Scatter team plans to create a RIDL token, which will form the basis of the reputation system. According to the founder of the project, the issue of the token will be unlimited, and they will be issued when a new participant is registered. A participant can own a maximum of 100 tokens.


Chaince is an EOS-oriented stock exchange that has already been put into operation. The main task of the exchange will be to audit the tokens on its platform and publish reports on them. In general, the team will focus on high-quality decentralized applications based on the EOS system, in the hope that the projects will be able to turn into multi-billion commercial giants in the end.

Tokens Chaince will be provided to all holders of EOS.


EOSDAC revives the concept of The DAO by launching its own version of a decentralized autonomous organization that will select investment projects and return profits to community members.

EOSDAC already conducted its first airdrop on April 15 and only those who participated in the project before the recent excitement could get these tokens.

To get your tokens after the launch, the user must have a separate EOS wallet and an associated Ethereum address.

Holders of EOS received 75% of all EOSDAC tokens.


This is a non-standard tool that will allow you to conduct limited and targeted airdrops. His development is engaged in the candidate for the role of the block manufacturer EOS Dublin.

Participants of the new system will provide information about themselves and on its basis receive the opportunity to receive free tokens.

EOS Dublin does not offer its own token, but its users will be able to participate in various airdrops. If in the future startups do not give up the idea of ​​free distribution of tokens, such a tool will be very relevant.

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