Marshall Islands will issue a national cryptocurrency

Marshall Islands will issue a national cryptocurrency


The Republic of the Marshall Islands is preparing to issue its own cryptocurrency, which should become an official payment facility. This is written by Bloomberg with reference to two representatives of the government.

Members of parliament voted this week to implement a plan to launch a cryptocurrency, Sen. Kenneth Kedi said. The council has a few more days to oppose this initiative, but Kedi believes such a scenario is unlikely.

The digital currency of Sovereign can be launched already this year, said David Paul, an assistant to the president. The government will hold the ICO and issue a new cryptocurrency to the exchanges, he explained, adding that in this way the Pacific state expects to increase its budget.

“This decision is aimed at the long-term needs of the country,” Paul said.

Part of the funds raised will be used to cover the costs of health care, in particular for the treatment of people affected by American nuclear tests a few decades ago, he added.

Recall that earlier to launch the national crypto currency “petro” Venezuela started.

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