Manufacturer of ASRock Motherboards will Manufacture Crypto Miners

Manufacturer of ASRock Motherboards will Manufacture Crypto Miners


ASRock intends to release 4 video cards designed specifically for the cryptocurrency.

The company announced preparations for the launch of the Phantom Gaming Series last week. The devices will be based on the AMD RX line of video cards. A representative of ASRock America in a conversation with CoinDesk confirmed that all 4 cards, which are modifications of the RX570 series, are intended “exclusively for mining”.

The first about the possible launch of the line of video cards from ASRock was reported by in its Twitter at the end of last month.

The latest decision of the company shows that ASRock is aware of miners increased interest in GPUs as they are required to perform complex calculations during the production of cryptocurrency. AMD and Nvidia are well known for their influence on the cryptocurrency mining phenomenon and both companies claim that miners constitute a small portion of their consumer base. Therefore, it’s no surprise that ASRock’s GPU has its eyes on increasing sales as the new motherboard is specifically designed for mining cryptocurrency will probably increase sales and interest in the company.

According to PCGamer, the RX570 series will use Radeon Software’s Adrenalin Edition, which is of particular importance as it was recently updated by AMD to better meet the needs of miners.

Information about the creation of this new line of mining GPUs was confirmed on the same day that Chinese manufacturer Bitmain announced their intention to release ASIC-miners for Ethereum extraction. The Antminer E3 is currently on backorder after selling out after listing on the Bitmain website and the first devices will ship in July 2018.

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