Luxury cars will soon be able to buy in the US for cryptocurrency

Luxury cars will soon be able to buy in the US for cryptocurrency


Automobile broker Post Oak Motors from Houston (USA) announced the start of sales of models Rolls Royce.

The company operates in the city of Houston, it belongs to the billionaire Tilman Fertit. Now you can buy a new Bentley, Rolls Royce or Bugatti from anywhere in the world through the world’s BitPay payment system.

According to the owner of the dealer center – billionaire Tillman Fertitt, being considered the main multi-brand dealer of luxury cars all over the world, he must offer his customers all the best, and a partnership with BitPay will give the opportunity to buy these cars even easier and faster.

It should be noted that the announcement of the company Post Oak Motor Cars appeared against the background of a decrease in the value of Bitcoin by more than 450 dollars. Recently, wealthy Americans prefer to execute large deals and confirm their payments with bitcoin. Today’s rate of cryptocurrency for one coin, according to rough estimates, is 6,430 dollars. Last year, the bitcoin rate reached its maximum – 20 thousand dollars per unit. And this means that an English car can be purchased for about 55 bitcoins. Now local citizens can use BitCoin to pay for licenses, identity cards, car numbers, car documents and property taxes.

By the way, not everyone approves of innovation in Florida. So the head of the cryptocurrency exchange platform Ripple believes that there is no sense in replacing the usual money with a cryptocurrency, as they are very reliably come into use and perfectly cope with their own functions.

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