London mosque collects donations in bitcoins

London mosque collects donations in bitcoins


London mosque in a district Hackney declared that became the first in Great Britain islamic organization that began to accept offering in cryptocurrencies. It became possible since a theology study in that proved was undertaken a month ago, that the use of cryptocurrency does not conflict with the laws sheriat, Independent reports.

Representatives of the Shacklewell Lane Mosque in Hackney declared that it is bargained to collect no less than 10 thousand pound sterlings as offering in bitcoins and ETH.

During a 30-daily holiday – this year he passes from May, 16 for the evening of June, 14 – muslims it is recommended to distinguish 2,5% of the state for payment of annual islamic tax – zakat.

“We try to appeal to more wide audience with new money. We created a platform for more solvent muslims outside our association, to support a mosque”, – the Hackney Gazette quotes the chairman of trustee advice mosque Erkin Gyuni.

At the same time, in account of specialists, if muslims that make the about fourth population planet will bring in only on 1% from market present value bitcoin, they will collect order of $1, 4 milliards

In spite progressiveness suggestion, while the innovative offering go not very actively: to on Mays, 23 on the bitcoin wallet of mosque was carried out only one payment in size of 100 pound.

In April of this year Mufti Muhammad Abu Bakar in a collaboration with the Indonesian company Blossom Finance undertook a study functional possibilities bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the purpose their accordance to the strict norms muslims religion. As a result he came to the conclusion, that bitcoin – on the whole acceptable to the islam form of payment, because him already widely use in trade all over the world.

Notably, that the main mufti of Egypt declared some before, that trade bitcoin  conflicted with principles of islam.

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