LockChain has released an alpha version of the blockchain-service for booking hotel rooms


LockChain, which is developing a decentralized marketplace for hotel reservations, announced in its blog about the alpha release of the platform.

At the moment there are 600 hotels on the platform, but by the end of February they are said to be about 100 thousand. This was made possible through the partnerships that the company concluded with hotels around the world at the end of 2017.

“Booking.com and Airbnb charge about 20% of the room rate for using their platform. Our plan is to completely eliminate any commissions with the help of the blockchain. The owners have the right to receive the full amount for their investments, and the guests, of course, also have the right to pay for the number directly to the owners,” said Nikola Alexandrov, CEO of LockChain.co.

LockChain is the first company to offer a blockchain solution for the hospitality industry, the total value of which is currently estimated at about $ 500 billion.

The native LOC platform token provides direct interaction between the parties to the transaction. After a successful tokensale, within which 10500 ETH was collected, the price of the token increased by 600%. At the moment it is available on such exchanges as HitBTC, Etherdelta, Mercatox and Gatecoin.

In the alpha version of the LockChain platform, among other things, personal wallet, multicurrency support (including Fiat) and dynamic search of offers are available. Also it is fully functional, and with its help you can book a room in one of the hotels that use the solution from LockChain.

A full list of alpha-version features is available in the company’s official blog.

Recall that in June 2017, the Japanese capsule hotel Comics & Capsule Hotel Comicap began taking bitcoin.

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