LinkedIn began blocking advertising for cryptocurrency projects

LinkedIn began blocking advertising for cryptocurrency projects


The number of Internet services that prohibit placing ads on their sites that mention cryptocurrencies continues to grow.

As it became known in this environment, the business social network LinkedIn began blocking ads related to cryptocurrencies. At the same time, its owner, Microsoft, places such ads in its other services while it allows. This is written by The Independent with reference to the statement of the company’s press secretary.

Earlier, with similar initiatives, referring in one form or another to the fact that such ads are often used to mislead and deceive investors, made Twitter, Google, Facebook and Snapchat.

Against the actions of companies that prohibit advertising of cryptocurrency projects, the Eurasian Blokchain Association acted, a newly founded structure from Russia, South Korea and China. Its representatives say that these companies have entered into a cartel conspiracy to manipulate the market, and therefore intend to file a lawsuit with the US court.

Russian providers have blocked access to LinkedIn since November 2016 due to the company’s refusal to store and process personal data of users in the country.

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