Line Messenger created its own coin

Line Messenger created its own coin


The Japanese instant messenger Line reported about the creation of its own cryptocurrency Link. The coin will work in the Link Chain. A billion tokens will be given out as a reward, so ICO will not. The messenger is used by 200 million people.

Another company with a large number of service users decided to take advantage of the cryptocurrency.

Line is a mobile messenger popular in Japan. It is used by about two hundred million people. And now this project has its own public blockchain called Link Chain. And it will use a coin Link.

Representatives of the messenger report that they have already created the first block of blockchain – this happened on August 23.

As for tokens, they will be created exactly one billion pieces. At the same time, 200 million will remain with the messenger, and 800 million will be received by customers. But not through ICO, as one would expect. Tokens will be given to customers as a reward. They will encourage users to create decentralized applications based on the blockchain Link Chain. The first two are already under development and will be presented in September this year. At the beginning of next year there should be more than ten.

It is also reported that Link will be traded on the Bitbox Exchange, which belongs to the same owners as the messenger. Later, the token will still become a payment tool for the Line ecosystem.

Recall that the Bitbox Exchange was launched on July 16 in Singapore. To create an exchange site, a Japanese messenger had to register a Singapore subsidiary called LINE Tech Plus PTE. Currently, the exchange supports 15 languages and is available to residents of the whole world except for Japan and the United States.

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