Legend of football Luis Figo will promote ICO

Legend of football Luis Figo will promote ICO


Well-known Portuguese footballer Luís Figo will take up advancement of tokenize platform of Football – Stars, CCN reports.

So, a famous midfielder signed a contract with a company Stryking Entertainment, on the terms of that he will become brand ambassador platforms of Football – Stars, that is specialized on tokenization in the field of fantasy-sport.

“When I first heard about Football – Stars, then at once this idea pleased me. All more different data appear in football, including the gone into detail statistics about all aspects of game. It exactly that, that does platform from Stryking, to present a keen pastime to all fans. I am glad to render support to an experience command Stryking, telling to the whole world about their platform allowing to the fans to co-operate with their favourite commands and players”, – declared Figo.

Within the framework of forthcoming ICO a company plans to produce tokens STRYKZ. Other details of tokenize are while unknown.

Figo joins a growing list of celebrities who have supported the ICO.

We will mark that Luís Figo – the far not first celebrity engaging in advancement of primary suggestions of chinks. So, the last month former player of FC “Liverpool” Michael Owen announced producing of cryptocurrency of OWN.

Luis Suarez, well-known as a footballer, moved forward the market of prognostication in October the last year in Los Angeles, in pursuit after him legend of boxing joined Floyd Mayweather, whose approvals of ICO became the matter of more than small dispute.

Quite recently the US Securities and exchange commission (SEC) accused the founders of Centra Tech, whose sale of token Mayweather moved up in social networks – with a swindle.

By analogical character, SEC accused AriseBank, whose ICO was approved by other remote star of boxing of Evander Holyfield, selling the token through knavish facilities.

We will remind, at the end of the last year Securities and exchange commission the USA alerted investors to high рисках of participating intokenize, advancement of that celebrities engage in.

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