Kodak enters the market of equipment for cryptocurrency mining


The manufacturer of photographic equipment and supplies Kodak decided not to limit its presence in the field of cryptocurrency with the release of KODAKCoin. The company is preparing to enter the market of equipment for mining with the release of Kodak KashMiner. This writes Business Insider.

Miner was represented at a technology show in Las Vegas. The license for the production of equipment under the Kodak brand was obtained by the Spotlite Energy Systems company in California.

Kodak and Spotlite intend to lease new miners for rent. From their future customers, they require signing a two-year contract and paying $ 3,400.

According to Spotlite and Kodak, the miner will bring tenants $ 375 per month. Thus, the expected profitability for the entire duration of the contract is $ 9,000.

Kodak attracted the attention of critics by its latest actions, stating that the company seeks a short-term increase in the price of its shares only a few years after the official bankruptcy.

If Kodak was really going to follow this path, then her plan worked: at the time of publication, Kodak shares traded above $ 11, according to Google information, having started the week near the $ 3 mark.

Curiously, Kodak equipment looks similar to the S9 miner of the Chinese manufacturer Bitmain.

Representative Spotlite in a conversation with the BBC said that of those wishing to take advantage of the offer of the company has already gathered a line.

“Now we have 80 miners. We expect the delivery of another 300 in the near future. They are in high demand,” he said.

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