John McAfee reported on the attempt on him

John McAfee reported on the attempt on him


The creator of company-developer antivirus software McAfee and crypto enthusiast John McAfee  wrote in the micro-blog in Twitter, that on him an attack was accomplished. On his statement, he conducted two days without consciousness in the hospital of Vidant in North Carolina.

“I beg pardon for that I  was absent in a network three days, but I was without consciousness two days in a medical center Vidant in North Carolina and only that came in consciousness. My enemies managed to mix something in food. But me not so it is simple to kill, as can appear. I returned”, – McAfee wrote in the twitter.

In opinion of  McAfee, him enemies “could” poison. He declared also, that is known him, who “did it”.

In April, 2018 McAfee reported that it is not paid him for recommendations of virtual currencies. According to him, he moves forward only those ICO, in that believes. Nevertheless, a businessman was suspected in the charts of Pump and Dump.

So, in April the journalists of Motherboard collected and analyzed every tweets of McAfee about cryptocurrencies in a period from December, 15 to January, 10 and compared them to the dynamics of prices.

A research result was following: tweets businessman correlate with the price splashes corresponding virtual currencies, thus a price advance frequently made from 50% to 350%.

Therefore in Motherboard consider that it is impossible to eliminate circumstance that McAfee took part in the charts of Pump and Dump for the rapid and active receipt of profit from digital currencies.

McAfee reported before, that he stopped to advertise ICO- projects from “threats” from the side of the US SEC, that considers swingeing majority tokens of ICO-projects unregistered securities that spread among investors in contempt of the American legislation.

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