Japanese GMO Company Introduces New Miner on 7 nm Chips

Japanese GMO Company Introduces New Miner on 7 nm Chips


The Japanese internet-giant GMO declared producing miner for bitcoin on the base of 7 нм ASIC- chips. A new model got the name GMO miner B3, reports Bitcoin.com.

If the productivity predecessor of the new  model GMI miner B2 was 24 Th/s, then hashreit the new model arrives at 33 Th/s. An equipment is built on the same chips: GMO72b.


We will mark that a previous model consumed in general 1 950 Watts of energy, or 81 Watt on Th/s. Renewed miner at a speed of 33 Th/s consumes 3 417 Watts or 103 Watts on TH/s.

“Main description GMO miner B3 – it maximal hashreit in 33 Th/s, and also possibility of the optimal tuning hashreit, depending on an environment and global hashrate”, – underline in a company.

Possibility to tune hashreit and consumption energy under surroundings name one of the main functions equipment.

“After the sales B2 some customers asked the function tuning hashrate, therefore we accelerated development of this possibility,  equal as and consumptions energy. In miner B3 this function will be realized”, – marked in GMO.

Support of the two modes is thus assumed: automatic and hand. As well as ensues from the name, at the use of the automatic mode a device self influences hashrate coming from an environment and different indicators, such as global hashrate. All it allows to increase efficiency of mining bitcoin.


GMO miner B3 B2

Also for GMO miner B3 the already present are accessible in B2 services, including updating of sewing on-line, monitoring status equipment and possibility garland connection at once to 32 devices.

The sales of GMO miner B3 start in November, and prices on renewed miner will remain former are 1999 dollars. The representatives of GMO specify thus, that at a desire the users of miner B2 will be able to renew him on B3 free charge. Two power modules are included in a delivery set, and delivery will be to pay additionally. A guarantee on an equipment limits 6 for months.

We will remind that GMO miner B3 – first bitcoin miner, fully worked out in Japan – was presented at the beginning in June.

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