Japan: Nomura Bank announces crypto custody solution for institutional investors

Japan: Nomura Bank announces crypto custody solution for institutional investors


The Japanese global investment bank Nomura declared creation fund for storage for digital assets, Cointelegraph Japan reports today, on May, 16. A new project is sent to the removal barriers to the institutional investments in crypto space.

According to a report, Nomura’s joint venture will be conducted in partnership with a company on providing safety digital assets Ledger and investment house Global Advisors.

Partners assert that the shortage of reliable and justly managed “safekeeping solutions” presently does not allow to the traditional managers assets to build investment transport vehicles in crypto ecosystem, underlining that overcoming obstacles on storage and providing of safety has a decision value, taking into account that “every fifth financial firm [probably ] examines possibility start of digital trading and investment companies next year.”

A new enterprise on storage digital assets is named “Komainu” and will provide an infrastructure and operating structure for institutional investors to integration of the traditional investment cars in “frontier” crypto industry.

Only yesterday a large provider of services and exchange declared its own decision quotations of the USA Coinbase for the decision problems of safety and accordance to the normative requirements, and Coinbase VP Adam White declared that a product can “unlock $10 billion of institutional investors sitting on the sideline.”

Before in this month CEO of the New York exchange stock ICE exposed the own plans on contracting, that will be well-regulated in BTC on provider of services, supposing that he worked out a depositaries of decisions that agree with the SEC, also for institutional holders.

Narration that the obstacles related to storage and norms are the last obstacle for crypto resources that “ripen” and attract large institutional investments, widely widespread and resulted in that Robert Kelly from CNBC declared recently, that cryptocurrencies now “looked so that to become an emergent asset class,” with decisions about custody is an important landmark that soon can mark wide distribution of cryptocurrencies in the traditional financial sector.

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